15 household items you never knew had an expiration date

When we think of expiration dates most people immediately think of foods (or perhaps their driver's license), but your house likely has a few items that have outlived their shelf life without you even knowing they had one! Even non-perishable items are made from materials that break down over time reducing the quality (and sometimes safety) of the item.
Keep reading to find out which items in your house you might want to think about exchanging:
Spices: That bottle of cloves you bought to make a pumpkin pie four Thanksgivings ago and then forgot about (so now you have three more) is toast. Ground spices lose their potency after about three years. They don't spoil so they should be safe to eat, but the might taste a little funky.
Canned goods: Canned goods can sit in the cupboard for quite a while. But it's usually best to use them within two to five years from the date on the can. The food may technically still be safe to eat past those dates, but the quality and taste will probably be off, according to USU.
Beer: That 12-pack you have sitting in the cupboard may not be safe to drink. Unopened cans/bottles of beer are good for about four months.
Cleaners etc.
Air Freshener: Next time you clean out your hall closet, check the expiration date on your air freshener, most only have a shelf life of two years.
Dish Detergent: Stocking up on dish soap when there's a sale can be great on the budget, just remember that both liquid and powdered dish detergent expire after 1 year.
Fire Extinguisher: The National Fire Protection Agency recommends that all extinguishers get tested and/or replaced every 5 to 12 years (depending on the type of extinguisher) to ensure they operate correctly in an emergency, according to InterNACHI.
Laundry Detergent: Your unopened laundry detergent is good for up to one year. After you open it, you should use it within six months.
Pillow: Bedroom pillows should ideally be replaced at least once a year, but you can go up to 3 years. Repeated contact with body oils make your pillow a bacteria-breeding factory. Plus, pillows start to lose their fluffiness after a few months.
Condoms/Spermicide: Condoms have expiration dates for a good reason: the latex used to create the condoms breakdown over time. Condoms (when stored properly-- ie. NOT in your wallet) can last for up to five years. Spermicides are good for up to five years, according to Go Ask Alice.
Bar soap: Bar soap will work effectively for up to three years, though some brands are only good for 18 months.
Body Gel: Keep using your favorite bottle of shower gel or body wash for up to three years or until you start noticing separation.
Rubbing Alcohol: This first-grade disinfectant is only effective for up to three years. Clean out your first aid kit regularly to make sure everything is up to date for an emergency.
Sneakers: Your favorite sneaks have a shelf life of about 12 months. In addition to breaking down after repeated wearings, shoes are a perfect bacteria and mold growing incubator.
Bra: Toss that bra out after about 9 months. Even underwire bras begin to lose support and shape over time.
Slippers: Ditch the slippers after 6 months to a year (especially if you wear them without socks!).
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