10 creative ways to use PVC pipes around the house

Do it yourself projects are meant to save you a penny while giving you some creative freedom. But some crafts seem to run up the bill with supplies. PVC pipes, on the other hand, won't.
Working with PVC pipes to create solutions around your home is cost-effective and extremely easy. With this relatively easy-to-cut piping, you can create everything from bookshelves to wine racks, storage solutions and outdoor canopies. Sound exciting? Start browsing the list of ideas.
1. Bookshelf
Use PVC pipes to create a chic bookshelf. Paint the pipes black like eHow expert Matthew Ashman did or in a chrome or copper color to make it look like real pipes. Add some beautiful wooden shelves to create a piece with an industrial chic vibe.
2. Bike rack
Do you have a bunch of kids' bikes thrown across the back yard or cluttering up the garage? This super simple bike rack DIY with PVC pipe is easy to put together and very durable. Find the project at Kids Activities Blog.
3. Hair product holder
Now this is smart, isn't it? Paint a connector PVC pipe your favorite color, stick it in the bathroom and keep your hairdryer, straightener or curling iron tucked neatly away.
4. Clothing rack
Do you often find yourself running out of closet space? Or is there no storage space in your tiny home? A free-standing clothing rack could solve your problems. Stick it in a corner of the bedroom or even the bathroom if it's big enough. Good-looking clothing racks can cost a pretty penny, so check out this chic yet money-conscious solution by Weekday Carnival.
5. Wine rack
It's easy to love this Martha Stewart DIY because it is easy, simple and it looks great. You can paint the PVC pipes to match your cabinet or stick with this minimalistic white look. It makes beautiful bottles of wine really pop.
6. Curtain rods
Curtain rods are expensive, especially when you have to choose a color other than white. Instead, use PVC pipes such as this example by 7 Layer Studio and paint them whatever color you want.
7. Outdoor canopy
Instead of investing in an expensive outdoor canopy or settling for an unsightly camping one, you can create a beautiful outdoor canopy yourself. The billowing fabric on the sides creates some privacy, but you can also add tarp or fabric to the top for added shade.
8. Industrial lamp
This creative idea by Homemade Makeovers looks like something out of a high-end design magazine. Inspired by an Ikea lamp, the blogger decided to create this much cheaper version out of PVC and concrete. You can use whatever base you'd like, though, if concerete doesn't fit in with your decor.
9. Coffee table
If you love the country-industrial look, you're going to love this coffee table. You've probably seen something like it in magazines before, and now Goods Home Design has the perfect project to make it yourself.
10. Desk organizer
Cut a PVC pipe into different parts with varying heights to hold everything from markers to paperclips. Reality Daydream painted the inside of the craft caddy -- it's different and fun.
11. Make PVC pipe look like wood
If you saw any of these and thought, "I wish I could make it look more natural," we're here to help you out. Check out this Instructables tutorial that helps you make any PVC look like real wood.
Resources 7 Layer Studio

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