12 nifty ways to reorganize your fridge for good

The refrigerator. It's the heart of the kitchen, and sometimes it's also the most disorganized space in the house! If you have a smaller refrigerator it can become downright messy after a major grocery trip, but it doesn't have to be that way!
If you find yourself dreading the breakfast routine because you can't find anything you need, try one (or more) of these ideas for keeping your fridge a little tidier:
1. Use baskets
Hit the dollar store and snag cute baskets or buckets to keep your fridge tidy. Stack like foods together and label the bins so you can find what you need in a pinch.
2. Label shelves
Try labeling shelves and compartments with tape and a marker so it's easier to stay organized when you have to put your groceries away.
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3. Mason jar for salads
Mason jars are a great salad storage solution. The containers keep veggies fresh longer and you can stack them to take up less space than individual veggie bags. You'll also save time on lunch prep by just packing the jar for work. ​
4. Use a Lazy Susan
Keep foods from dying unforgotten in the back of your refrigerator by using a Lazy Susan. Rotate the dish as needed so you can grab what you need. Bonus: Use this to hold condiments and you can grab the whole thing out at meal time, making "pass the salt" please a thing of the past.
5. Keep bottles from moving with a binder clip
Keep your beer, wine, and soda bottles/cans from rolling all over the refrigerator with a binder clip. Just hook the clip on the wire shelf next to the containers and they'll stay in place.
6. Organize smart
Waste less food by organizing your refrigerator with the image below in mind. Because the coldest part of you fridge is in the middle, make sure to keep your eggs and milk there, according to Real Simple.
7. Use shelf liners
Not only are liners cute, they can make cleaning up spills a snap! Find a liner of choice at a local craft store and cover the shelves (and the base of your veggie drawer). Just toss and replace when the liner gets dirty. Try using decorative Saran wrap.
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8. Repurpose magazine racks
Adding shelves to the refrigerator and freezer adds extra space for storage (have you ever tried stacking bags of frozen veggies?). Snag a few magazine containers and turn them on their side for extra shelving
9. Repurpose six-packs
Keep your door organized by repurposing the cartons that hold your drink of choice. Place a different bottle in each section. This will help protect your door from food leakage too.
10. Use an egg carton to keep condiments clean
Remove the top from a carton of eggs and stack upside down condiments in each egg hole to catch leaks and spills. Plus, you can store the condiments upside down so you can stop smacking the bottom of the bottle when it runs low.
11. Save space, nix the gallon jugs
Gallon jugs take up a lot of space. Opt for pretty jars to hold your juice and milk. The skinnier jars are prettier to look at too. You could also try these skinny drink dispensers
12. Use a craft drawer... in the fridge
Head to the storage aisle at your local department store and snag a small craft drawer (typically used to hold pens, pencils, pins etc.) keep smaller loose foods like carrots, yogurts, and string cheese from disappearing into the abyss by storing them in the drawers.
If Spring cleaning is on your mind, make sure you try out a few of these tips to get your fridge in tip-top shape and don't forget to share this with your friends on Facebook!

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