9 genius reasons to use vinegar in the laundry room

Vinegar is an ideal ingredient for giving your salad dressing a pop of flavor, and it's perfect for dying Easter eggs. Vinegar -- which is basically sour wine -- has long been highlighted for medicinal and preservative properties, according to MadeHow. But vinegar is also a popular cleaning agent for use around the house and in the garden.
The alcohol-based liquid helps eliminate bacteria and odors, making it a perfect choice for laundry room uses.
1. Kill bacteria
Remove bacteria and grime from laundry baskets and machines by wiping them down with white vinegar and water. ​
2. Help reduce static cling
Add one cup of vinegar in with your wash during the final rinse to help reduce static cling. This tip also makes your clothes more resistant to pet hair and fuzzies. ​
3. Keep odors at bay
Did you forget to switch out the laundry? Perhaps you left your swimming gear in the basket overnight! Add vinegar to your wash to get rid of the mildew smell. Mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle to spritz out smelly laundry bags and baskets as well.
4. Clean without chemicals
If anyone in your family has sensitive skin, vinegar can help remove soap residue and keep skin safe from irritation.
5. Brighten white clothes
Skip using harsh bleach products on your clothing, and use 1/2 cup to 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to the wash cycle to keep white clothes bright. You can also soak a white garment in vinegar and water to remove stains from the underarms, according to Apartment Therapy.
6. Say goodbye to hem lines
Once the kids have finally grown an inch or two, you may need to let down a seam. To get rid of holes in the fabric, dampen a soft cloth with distilled vinegar. Place the damp cloth under the holes, then press a warm iron on top of the fabric.
7. Clean your iron
Clean your iron inside and out with water and vinegar. To remove clogs from the iron nozzles, fill the water compartment with equal parts water and vinegar, set the iron upright and plug it in. Allow the iron to steam for a few minutes before unplugging and cooling. Rinse with water and refill.
Clean the base of your iron by wiping the warm surface with a mixture of vinegar and salt on a cloth.
8. Remove buildup from the machine
After washing loads of dirty clothes, it's no surprise that bacteria and minerals build up inside the machine. Clean your machine easier with vinegar. Run your machine on a large load using hot water. Add up to 4 cups of vinegar to the water, then allow it to move around for a few minutes. Open the lid and let it set for an hour. Finally, run through the rest of the cycle, according to Clean Mama.
9. Remove wine from fabric
If you spilled a little wine on your favorite dress, don't dismay. Heat 2 cups of white vinegar until just before it boils. Then turn the fabric so the stain is facing down, pour half of your vinegar over the stain and watch as the stain starts to drain out. Rinse with cool water, then soak the stain in the rest of your vinegar for about a half hour. Rinse and wash, House Wife How-Tos recommends.
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