Dish soap isn't just for dishes. Here are 11 surprising uses

Everybody has dish soap in their house, but, you're letting it go to waste if you're only using it on those dirty dishes. The powerful grease lifting, stain fighting and non-toxic formula is perfect for cleaning just about anything around your home.
You can wash your hair with it, kill weeds, keep ants away, lift stains from clothing and even unclog your toilet. Don't believe us that you've been letting this miracle solution sit un-used for years? Check out the list below and prepare to be amazed!
1. Shampoo
That's right. Check out the video below:
2. Non-toxic de-icer
If you're tired of using all those (expensive) toxic chemicals to keep your sidewalks ice-free during the winter, then this is for you.
3. Remove oil and grease stains from clothing
Did you spill your salad dressing all over your favorite shirt? Well, luckily, it's not ruined. Try out the technique below:
4. Prevent glasses fog
This might sound crazy, but check out the below:
5. Non-toxic weed killer
Yep, your regular old non-toxic dish soap will help kill those pesky weeds. You no longer need to spend money on fancy (and very toxic) solutions. Instead, try the DIY below:
6. Clean dirty jewelry
No need to run out and buy expensive cleaner again.
7. Repel ants
8. Homemade ice pack (h/t What's up Moms)
Next time you're in a pinch and need an icepack, you'll be glad you watched this tutorial:
9. Household lubricant
Instead of buying those aerosol sprays that get all over the place, try out the trick below:
10. Unclog the toilet
Put down the plunger. Try this hack instead:
11. Get streak-free windows
No more buying expensive window cleaner with the help of the video below.
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