10 cheap, easy tips to make clothes last longer

I like to shop for clothes as much as the next girl (except when I don't because I can't find anything that fits). Still, buying a new wardrobe can be expensive. If you're living on a budget or you simply want to keep your favorite duds lasting a little bit longer, knowing simple ways to make them last longer helps!
Check out these ten ways you can make sure your favorite clothes last as long as possible.
1. Wash delicates in a bag
Stop throwing your bras (or your lacy negligee for that matter) straight into the washer! Instead, place those pricey panties into a mesh laundry bag, close it and toss the whole thing in the wash. Not only will this keep your bra strap from tangling, it keeps the delicates from getting beat up by other items in the wash, the Spruce recommends.
2. Air dry your laundry
Not only does drying your clothes on the clothes line save some cash on the electric bill, it also helps your clothes last longer. The heat can shrink clothes and strip the fabric of color and softness. If you must use the dryer, toss in a tennis ball to help your clothes dry faster.
3. Give clothes new life with dye
If your favorite black t-shirt is looking a little gray, don't toss it in donation pile quite yet. Instead, snag some clothing dye and breathe new life into that faded dud. Check out the full tutorial from Call Me Roseuh
4. Keep buttons
When you buy a new sweater or jacket, don't toss those extra buttons. Set up a small box where you can keep the buttons. Even if you don't ever need a button for a specific sweater, you can use them for other clothing items in a pinch.
5. Zip 'em up
Protect other clothing items by zipping your jeans and jackets before tossing them in the wash. Not only can the zipper damage other items in the wash, the zipper can be damaged by banging around the machine. An extra two seconds could keep your favorite pants wearable for a few more months!
6. Remove pilling with a razor
After several wears (and washes) your shirts, sweaters, and even your pants may start pilling (and no that's not a typo). Cotton and fleece blends are the worst. Get rid of the little fabric balls with razor and tape. Wrap tape around your fingers (sticky side out) and use the razor to gently pull the pilling away and gather with the tape, eHow recommends.
7. Toss the heels when driving
Constant pressure on the heels of your dress shoes will wear them down quickly. Your heels get nothing but pressure when you're driving. Slip them off in favor of sandals while you're on the road, then slip the heels back on when you arrive at your destination.
8. Wash clothes inside out
Flip those clothes inside out before washing. This will keep colored clothes safe from fading and protect shirts with images on them from cracking. (Bonus tip: Hang shirts inside out to keep the funky shoulder bump at bay).
9. Add coffee or tea to dark laundry
The same reason coffee and tea is bad for your teeth makes it great for keeping dark clothes dark! Add two cups of brewed black tea or coffee into the rinse cycle with your darks to spruce them up. (For purples and blues, try 1 cup of salt in the rinse cycle).
10. Ditch the dry cleaning bag
That dry cleaning bag is not doing any favors for your suit or dress. The plastic bags keep moisture locked in with your clothes making mildew more likely. Ditch the plastic in favor of an old white t-shirt with the sleeves cut. The shirt will cover the neck and shoulders to protect from dust but allow your or dress to breathe. Option 2: Repurpose an old pillow case for the same thing.
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