Did you know Coke could strip away paint? Here are 13 surprising uses

Coca-Cola is a household name, brand, and soft drink. This stuff has a special place in our hearts, and our bellies too. But what if we told you that you have been using this stuff wrong your whole life? OK, maybe not wrong, but you have underestimated it.
That's because the caffeine, high acidity, and sugar in Coke not only taste great -- they're amazing stain fighters, grease eaters and they'll even help clean your car and get rid of a headache. Don't believe us? Check out the list below and see how popping open a can of this soft drink can help with everyday problems around your house.
1. Clean your toilet
Admittedly, this sounds crazy. But, the acids in the Coke will break down the stains in your toilet bowl. Simply pour it in then let it sit for about an hour. Flush and the stains should go right down the drain.
2. Fertilize some plants
There are some plants that just like a little acidity, like Azaleas or Gardenias for example. So, pouring some Coke into the soil gives them the acidic boost they want and the sugar also feeds the microorganisms in the soil.
3. Loosen rusted bolts and nuts
Do you have something that is rusted shut? Try soaking a cloth in Coke then putting it on top of the rusted bolts that are giving you trouble. The soda should strip some of the rust and make them easier to move.
4. Get rid of grease stains
The folks over at CNET swear that if you pour a can of Coke into your wash it will lift any tough grease stains you have. If the spot is extra bad, try soaking it in the pop directly before washing.
5. Remove grease stains from concrete
Get rid of those pesky driveway stains by soaking them in Coca-Cola then washing it down with the hose. No elbow grease required.
6. Remove bugs from the windshield
It's like they try to fly right into your car's windshield, right? The mess these pests leave behind is unsightly and hard to clean. Combat it by pouring some Coke on your windshield, letting it sit for a minute then scrubbing it all off and finishing with a nice rinse.
7. Defrost your windshield
Yep, this sticky substance can also defrost your windshield in the winter. Just pour it on top of the ice and watch it turn to slush -- now, you can easily remove the without having to wait for the car to warm up.
8. Relieve jellyfish or bee sting
After reading all about how powerful this stuff is, you might be wondering why you would put it on a wound. But, Coke does help the harsh sting of a jellyfish or bee by neutralizing the pain.
9. Clean your grout
Do you have stained grout? Pour some Coke on it, let it sit for a few minutes, then start scrubbing! The acid in the soda is going to break down those hard-to-treat stains.
10. Get rid of skunk smell
If your poor pet has been sprayed by a skunk, AOL says you should wash them with Coca-Cola to get rid of it.
11. Remove paint
Yep, Coke can remove paint too. You need to soak a towel in the soda and then keep reapplying it to the surface until the paint starts to warp, but after that, the paint can be easily scraped off.
12. Treat headache
The caffeine boost that is in a Coke can help treat a headache, and even thwart a migraine if you catch it early enough.
13. To cook
The acid in Coke breaks down meat beautifully -- try cooking pork with it, or a nice steak. Coca-Cola is also a great addition to different sauces because it adds a nice sweet kick.
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