10 ways to use a shoe caddy around the house

Shoe caddies aren't just for shoes anymore. One of the hottest new organizing trends replaces shoes with almost anything small enough to tuck into a pouch. It's an inexpensive and creative way to make use of the vertical spaces around your home.
Find a new place for your shoes because you will fill the pouches of a shoe caddy with surprising new items after you read over these organizing tips.
1. Plant a kitchen garden
Herbs will thrive growing vertically in a fabric shoe organizer. Simply add soil, your favorite herbs or flowers, and hang in a sunny location. Behind the Blue uses fabric shoe organizers for a vertical garden because they drain better than plastic ones.
2. Contain garden supplies
Stop spending gardening time looking for missing tools, and keep those garden supplies easily organized with a hanging shoe organizer. The Coupon Project recommends this storage idea as the ultimate in frugal repurposing. Fill it with tools, twine and garden labels for gardening season needs.
3. Keep toys under control
Barbies, Transformers and Power Rangers often end up under the bed or in the bottom of a toy chest. Keep them where your little one can easily find them by hanging a clear shoe organizer on the back of a closet door.
4. Organize the nursery
Keep blankets, bibs and burp cloths easily accessible by tucking them into a clear shoe pouches. Susie Harris knows that babies come with a lot of things. This clever storage solution frees up drawers and makes grabbing a blanket a one-handed task.
5. Create healthy eating habits
Create a beautiful display of fresh fruits and healthy snacks by hanging a shoe caddy on the back of a pantry door. Heather at Eager Little Mind discovered that not only does she save space by filling the pockets full of healthy treats but her entire family is eating better every day.
6. Organize cleaning supplies
Shoe caddies can be cut to fit the inside of the cabinet door under your sink. Kelly at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking helps you craft this with easy step-by-step instructions. Because it is an inexpensive item, you simply switch it with a new one when necessary.
7. Control paper clutter
Paper clutter piles up in almost every home. A shoe organizer provides an efficient storage solution. Organize bills, receipts and papers by type or action. Blooms and Bugs cleans out her organizer once a month to stay on top of her business.
8. Find the perfect shade
Makeup addicts love their products but hate digging for their favorites. Isabella at Salto Quinze has no problem finding the perfect lipstick for the day. She tucks all her products into a hanging shoe organizer to showcase her passion for beauty.
9. Get ready faster
Fixing your hair in the morning becomes quicker when you can easily grab the tool you need. Cosmopolitan shares this hair stylist organizing idea as a great way to hack a shoe organizer. It recommends letting all tools cool off before placing them in the plastic pouches.
10. Visual craft storage
Creative blogger hi sugarplum can find just the right color for any project with a fabric shoe caddy full of her favorite spray paints. Each pouch holds two cans of paint and hangs easily from nails in the garage.
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